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How to get up to 200 email leads daily for only $1 a day . . . 
FACT:  E-mail marketing is as relevant today as it ever was... and that won't change in any foreseeable future!

Not building a list of prospects or buyers, is marketing suicide... and relying on social media followers or fans is like driving your car without insurance and hoping you never get into an accident. 

With an email list you have the benefit of direct access to people inboxes rather than a feed or an ad that has a lifespan of a few minutes to a few hours at most.

Now you can argue all you want about spam filters, deliverability, and all that jazz, but I am talking about a buyers list (or prospect list) which are people that have opted into your list hoping to hear from you or waiting for you to follow-up with them as a customer.

When you have your own e-mail list you have an instant audience, on top of all the other sources, and built-in authority that you can leverage to your benefit and contact as often as you like... assuming you provide good content and 'real world' value.

In other words, spamming people with endless, useless offers, will kill your list just as fast as Facebook can shut down your fan page or limit the reach of your posts due to lack of engagement or people indicate that you are posting poor quality content. Yup, the days of blasting spammy content all over the web is almost over... thank God for that!

With the right balance of "great" informative content, relationship building, and sharing of good "helpful" offers, your e-mail list can become your own personal fan base of people hungry to hear  what you have to say and offer to them, and they will thank you for it.

Imagine having a second full-time income just from sending emails to a list of only a few thousand people... yes, it can be done.

Igor Kheifets, a top affiliate marketer, earns well over 1 million dollars a year from his humble e-mail list of only 16,000 people... while other marketers with 100's of thousands of emails barely make a fraction of that. 

Yup, he is proof that it is never about numbers, rather it is about you and the quality of what you deliver.
So how do you build a list fast with little to no cost?
Not easily. 

First you need an opt-in or squeeze page page with some offer or incentive for people to sign up. This can be as simple as a lead magnet offering a free e-book or PLR training course, that could be part of a more elaborate sales funnel promoting a webinar or paid course or program.

If done right, you can always monetize the thank you page to recoup some of your upfront costs, or if your backend offer is great, and your sales conversions adequate, you could be profitable immediately. 

The key is in the follow-up and stay engaged and to not let people forget who you are. By having an autoresponder set-up to send automated emails daily... with you guessed it, great relevant content this does not have to be difficult to achieve. 

That's right, there is no magic required to building and nurturing a list, just dedicated work  and respecting your list as if you were the recipient. What would you want to receive?

If you don't have a pre-built optimized funnel to funnel your cold prospects through there are many ways to get done-for-you systems that could help. But once you have the leads, it is critical that you separate the buyers from leads, the openers from the non-openers, to optimize your lists and email them accordingly.  

Yes, it sounds like a lot of work, but it is well worth it and necessary to become a successful marketer, whether it is for your own business or as an affiliate. It is a necessary evil and there are no shortcuts.
So about those 100-200 leads per day for only a buck!
I have discovered a shortcut for getting email leads delivered to you daily. 

It beats Solo Ads, PPC (pay-per-click), and all other cold traffic sources for leads simply because it's so cost effective and these leads do buy. However, because they are cold leads, they aren't as warmed up as those other sources that cost 100's of times more. 

For Solo Ad leads you can expect to pay no less than $0.40 per lead, if you are lucky, and well over $1 for PPC leads, again... if you are lucky.

This secret source of mine is by no means the golden goose, but man it is close. It can be a great kick-start to list building that will allow you to focus writing your e-mails and delivering great content and offers. 

Heck, you can even promote this source as an affiliate and earn great commissions that way. The compensation plan is pretty darn good. It goes 5 levels deep with $100 bonuses under certain conditions, and EVEN BETTER... it is recurring.

There is also tons of proof of people that have discovered this source that are making sales daily, some even with high-end offers, one gained a $4,000 coaching client. How about that? See below.
Are the e-mails legit?
Yes of course. 

In the members area, you can download your e-mails at anytime and upload them into your favorite e-mail program. They are your leads after all. 

You can also e-mail them through their portal as well, saving you on having your own e-mail system if you're starting out... and it works!

When I run the downloaded leads through my favorite e-mail verification service, only 2-4% fail the verification process. Which is quite amazing. 

List hygiene is always a must if you're e-mailing anyone from your own system. Luckily, there is a way to get these lists cleaned for free... but more on that later. 

If you e-mail through their platform, there is no risk to you, even if some of the leads are indeed bad.
So how does this work?
When you subscribe to receive your 100 leads per day, you pay a one-time $30 set-up fee and $30 per month upfront for 100 brand new unique e-mails per day. 

The leads are added to your account every 24-hours and you can e-mail them from their built-in e-mail platform once a day.

If you refer only one other person to this system with your unique referral link, your 100 leads a day will instantly double to 200 leads per day.

On top of that, you get a recurring commission for the referral (up to 5 levels deep with performance bonuses), AND as I stated earlier, you can download the leads and e-mail them from your own autoresponder or email program, for more control and branding power.  

WARNING:  Spammy content won't get you anywhere, and remember that these are cold leads that do not know you, so you have to warm them up with well thought-out e-mails and offers.
WAIT... There's more... oh... so much more...
If you sign-up for the 100 leads per day through me, you'll also get access to a special closed Facebook group.

This Facebook group is a gold mine providing you with complete done-for-you funnels (to promote this offer), tons of supplemental training (including how to set-up your own unrestricted autoresponder), done-for you e-mail swipes (that you can customize and use), and all sorts of resources, including tons tips and proof of earnings from others as inspiration.
Do you want to multiply your leads weekly?
In the Facebook group you can also participate in a weekly lead swap where you will walk away thousands of extra leads a week from others who participate in this program.

The cool part is, the when you get those extra leads, they've been verified and cleaned for your convenience. Yup... cleaned leads. That alone can save you a lot of time and money. You even get access to the entire backlog of emails, which is at about 300,000 unique e-mails the last I looked.

Of course this is optional, but man what a bonuses for being part of the Facebook Group. Just upload those to your own autoresponder and take control of your leads to e-mail them as often as you like from your own branded e-mail address. 

If you're smart, configure your autoresponder to segment your leads based on whether or not they open your e-mails and/or buy from your recommendations to begin building your 'active' prospect and buyer lists that are now under your full control.

SPECIAL NOTE:  This is where things really get interesting. Now you can move from participating in a semi-MLM referral type e-mail type system, to truly building a legit online marketing business. 

Think of it this way... even if you were to never refer a person a single person to the platform, and were to never earn a commission, which is impossible, as you have leads to email to daily, you're getting damn cheap e-mails... and literally starting off with a list of 100's of thousands of leads with more added weekly IF you participate in the exclusive lead swap which part of the benefits of the Facebook group.
Are you for real? This sounds way too good to be true. 
It's really not. 

Like any real business, it requires effort and dedication, and the leads swap does dilute the e-mails with everyone who participates. This means that what you are sending has to be all the more better than the others who are sharing the same leads. 

I also don't promote scammy stuff. I'm not going to tell you you can make 10's of thousands of dollars, though some can and do, nor am I going to disclose how much money I have made. I personally do not look at this as an affiliate marketing opportunity, rather a stellar way building an e-mail list fast.

There is tons of proof in the group of people making their first commissions online, ever,  and others making sales in some cases in a matter of days. But for others,  it takes much longer, but when the momentum kicks in, and people send the right mix of great content vs. offers, people start seeing sales consistently. Just be creative and don't e-mail crap. 

This type of program is small potatoes for me, but it's a great place for you to kick-start your list building and to master the e-mail marketing game. And just for the record, I don't promote or recommend tools or products that I personally don't use (or that I haven't purchased out of my own pocket). That's right, I don't believe in promoting demo or review programs or systems that I can't prove actually works.

I've wasted more than 6-figures of my own money over the years on a lot of crap that are just fads or a complete waste of time. There are also a lot of cool things out there... but I have to weigh up to cost to benefit time-ratio for if it's worth my time at all. Besides, I believe in karma... but that's just me. Each to their own. You be the judge.  
ADDITIONAL NOTE:  These leads are primarily looking for offers in the make money online niche or even MLM type offers. So don't cross-promote them with other niches like self-help, etc... unless you have built a relationship with them and moved the leads outside of this platform to e-mailing them under your own branding. 

I am not saying you can't, it's just a waste until you've got a relationship with your leads and a justification for doing so. 

To start, click below, and I will send you all the information you need, along with a few other bonuses to help you get started. I highly recommend that you go through all the training resources and best practices provided in the Facebook group before going too crazy e-mailing your leads on day one.
My final thoughts 
As you can tell, I'm giving you as much decision making power as I can. While it is true that one marketer has already earned over $22,000 from this system in only a few months, he already had his own list and online business. 

Another made his first $15k back almost a year ago (see screenshot below). While that is great, it takes work, especially for a newbie, and this is not necessarily for everyone. 

Truth be told, I have yet to find anything online, or in the 'real' world, that does not require something of you if it is to return something of value back to you. That is the simple truth. Hype sells, but it doesn't create millionaires and is VERY short lived. 

As I have stated, this can definitely be a booster shot that could launch your online career, or augment it, at the very least, especially if you already have your own list and followers to promote to. But you have to have the desire and will power to make that happen.
I do not believe in buying stuff "just because"... if you pay... then play... and play hard until you don't have to... but don't waste your hard-earned money if you're only goal is to half-ass your life. 

Those who jump in and e-mail daily, with a good positive vibe, usually see results relatively quickly... if they put thought into what they e-mail. 

For them the sales and commissions can come quickly and it lasts. Others, who get caught up in scarcity and greedy, and who have forgotten that the leads on the other side are 'real' people just like you and me, will always lose and waste their time. You are building a business first and foremost. 

A successful business needs a good reputation to weather any storm. Until "those" get rich quick scammy people "get that," they will always be miserable, complaining, and equally as poor. 

It's a sad fact that the make money online world is saturated with more and more people looking for a quick buck, mostly out of desperation and need (in some cases), but forget the basic principles of life. 

Take the time to build something that is sustainable, that respects and honors everyone, and that will feed your family and children for decades to come.

Please be one of those people. You truly do deserve it. 

FINAL NOTE:  If you do take the plunge, I will support you as best as possible, but honestly, the Facebook group will do a much better job than me. I'm too busy doing my passion projects,... but I do love the leads I get for next to nothing... and hopefully you will as well. 
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